General Liability Insurance

In California, it's important to purchase a General Liability insurance since California has the highest rate of litigations in the U.S.

Helps cover costly claims that might come up during normal business operations such as:

  • Bodily injury or property damage that your business causes.
  • Reputational harm resulting from malicious prosecution, slander, libel, wrongful eviction, violating a person's privacy and more.
  • Advertising injuries such as copyright infringement from your business's ads.
  • Medical costs if your customers or clients hurt themselves while visiting your business.
  • Damage to rented property caused by a covered loss such as fire, lightning or explosion.
What's Covered under General Liability Policy?

Have Us File your Claim for you

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File your Claim Directly with Insurance Company

Any Insurance has selected insurance companies that provide 24-hour services. Please find their contact information as follows.
Insurance Company Claim Phone Number
Nationwide Insurance 1-800-421-3535
The Hartford 1-800-327-3636
Guard Insurance 1-888-639-2567
Travelers 1-800-238-6225
Liberty Mutual Middle Market 1-800-362-0000
Liberty Mutual Small business 1-844-325-2467
Filing a Claim
  1. Your Name
  2. Policy number
  3. A description of what happened
  4. Details about injuries, witnesses, damages, and when the incident occurred
What information do you need to prepare when filing a claim?
  1. File a claim
  2. Insurance company claim adjuster will reach out to you about your claim
  3. Legal Proceedings
  4. Insurance claim adjuster will notify you the final results of the claims
How does General Liability insurance coverage claim process work?
  • Years in business
  • Location
  • Square footage
  • Building condition
  • Policy details, include coverage limits and deductibles
  • Insurance claims history
  • In the state of California business owners are not required to carry General Liability insurance, but it's still a good idea to have this coverage to protect you from litigation.
  • A property damage lawsuit
  • A slip and fall incident
  • A product liability lawsuit
  • A customer injury lawsuit
  • An advertising lawsuit